Avalaunch XAVA Protocol Audit

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Introduction CoinFabrik was asked to audit the contracts for Avalaunch’s XAVA Protocol project.First we will provide a summary of our discoveries and then we will show thedetails of our findings. Scope The contracts audited are from the https://github.com/avalaunch-app/xava-protocol/git repository. The audit is based on the commitfd9b97ccd963819a282fa5c21bf0545d180f8797. Revisions were made based oncommit 8c9f3c021f0a3366e9f8cfc3fd74163f31b57b40. The audited contracts […]

Dockerized Ethereum Private Testing Environment Compatible with MetaMask and Remix

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The purpose of this configuration is to generate a Docker environment of 2 nodes connected together running on Geth and monitor them using Ethstat (at localhost:3000). Then we can use MetaMask as well as Remix to connect to the first node (localhost:8545) to send simple transtractions, like sending Ether, or complex transactions like the creation or call of a smart contract.

Using the CardContact SmartCard USB HSM in an Ethereum PoA Chain

Reading Time: 4 minutes

After testing the performance of Ethereum using PoA, we tested the usability of the CardContact SmartCard-HSM USB token on an ethereum Proof of Authority network. The HSM allows to store and use multiple encryption keys, both RSA and Elliptic Curves (including secp256k1), for applications like issuing certificates as a CA, and with any application that […]