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Smart Contract Auditing News

Every month several important smart contract audits are performed by blockchain security companies like us. It is important to stay up to date with the latest findings in order to learn and improve protection processes. Following we will describe three recent and interesting findings:

Æternity Grant Final Report

Two months before the AEternity Universe One Conference, CoinFabrik was asked to build the payments application that would be used in that conference. The app would be built on top of and focused on AEternity State-Channel technologies. It should include a mobile phone application allowing users to register as merchants or customers and perform payments.

Censorship of Harmful Data in Blockchains

Public blockchains allow insertion of arbitrary data. Even specific-purpose blockchains like Bitcoin already contain a lot of non-financial data. Although this data insertion can be beneficial in some use cases (e.g. proof of existence), it can also cause damage. If a blockchain contained videos with instructions on how to torture someone, there would immediately be broad consensus that this data must be deleted. But since blockchains are supposed to be immutable databases, the question is: what can be done if this happens?

Immutability: Is There a Limit?

Any information stored in a blockchain is supposed to be preserved forever, nobody will be able to change it or even less erase it. But is this really true? Is there any chance that governments or private groups with enough money to finance costly attacks might delete information from a blockchain?

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