Avalaunch XAVA Protocol Audit

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Introduction CoinFabrik was asked to audit the contracts for Avalaunch’s XAVA Protocol project.First we will provide a summary of our discoveries and then we will show thedetails of our findings. Scope The contracts audited are from the https://github.com/avalaunch-app/xava-protocol/git repository. The audit is based on the commitfd9b97ccd963819a282fa5c21bf0545d180f8797. Revisions were made based oncommit 8c9f3c021f0a3366e9f8cfc3fd74163f31b57b40. The audited contracts […]

Decentralized Blockchain Bridges, Blockchain Innovations, and Cryptoasset Investment Frameworks

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At CoinFabrik we are organizing internal presentations in response to interesting work we are doing. As we have grown, scheduling time to share our projects and ideas has become essential. Recent presentations have included: Decentralized Blockchain Bridges Last year Oscar Guindzberg, TrueBit, and CoinFabrik partnered to create a decentralized trustless bridge between Dogecoin and Ethereum […]