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Live Updated Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet (Update 2)

We present an update of my previous article for cryptocurrency portfolio tracking. I received valuable feedback from some users, and I decided to update the spreadsheet based on those suggestions.

The idea with this new spreadsheet, is to add only the transactions in the History tab:

Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking History
Live update Cryptocurrencies Positions History

And reflect current asset position in the ‘Position’ tab:

Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking Positions
Live update Cryptocurrencies Positions

Also, ‘Prices’ tab contains the cryptocurrencies prices:

Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking Prices
Live update Cryptocurrencies Positions Prices

This new structure keeps tack of all your transactions, and also allows to calculate the profits of those movements.

You can see, copy and comment the Cryptocurrencies Positions Spreadsheet. To create your own version go to ‘File’ -> ‘Make a copy’.

Thanks to blockchain development team.

Keep updated on my Twitter account.

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  2. After searching online for hours last night for a LIVE Cryptocurrency Spreadsheet and finding the one made by Pablo Yabo above in March 2017 I realized that his spreadsheet wasn’t at all what I am looking for.

    *So I figured I’d solve the problem for the Steemit Community myself.*

    I’m now building out a LIVE @CoinMarketCap Spreadsheet that we can use for daily snapshots of all 100 Cryptocurrencies.

    **The spreadsheet automatically refreshes every 5 minutes!**

    When I’m done I’ll invite each of you so you can use it how you wish, or we can track certain digi-currencies together.
    I’m Using the =CRYPTOFINANCE call within the document I’ll show you how to build your own with an upcoming Steemit post in a few days.

    =CRYPTOFINANCE(“XXXYYY”, “marketcap”)
    =CRYPTOFINANCE(“XXXYYY”, “total_supply”)
    =CRYPTOFINANCE(“XXXYYY”, “volume”)
    =CRYPTOFINANCE(“XXX”, “change”, “1h”)
    =CRYPTOFINANCE(“XXX”, “change”, “24h”)
    =CRYPTOFINANCE(“XXX”, “change”, “7d”)
    XXX is the coin, e.g. BTC
    YYY is the fiat money, e.g. USD

    Also see:
    How to get crypto-currencies rates and more in Google Sheets

    What other ideas can we come up with to make this Spreadsheet more AWESOME???
    ***NOTE: the #ERROR in certain cells is because the Cryptocurrency has to be only 3 characters, but some are more, for example; DASH has 4 letters so certain cells cannot go live.

    Here’s a sneek peek of the Live CoinMarketCap Spreadsheet:

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  4. I made one with all the currencies and assets on another tab. I wanted to show through the “SORTN” function the market cap increase of each coin and which one had the greatest gain. Still work in progress.

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  6. This spreadsheet is great, glad I found it. However, when the auto-update function occurs, it happens too fast and the spreadsheet throws errors. Is there a way to turn off the auto lookup and just perform this manually?

  7. Dear Pablo, Thank you for sharing your wonderful spreadsheets! Great work and they are helping me learn. I don’t know why it sometimes doesn’t “refresh,” but that is part of my learning process!


  8. 4 months have passed an no live coinmarkcap spreadsheet 🙂 just saying

  9. How do I go about adding AUD to this?

  10. hello can someone help me? I would like a spread sheet that pulls the API data from coinbase gdax and Binance so that I can see my investments profits and losses with all of my trades

  11. hello can you help me? I would like a spread sheet that pulls the API data from coinbase gdax and Binance so that I can see my investments profits and losses with all of my trades

  12. how to add new currency ?

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  14. How do you add coins and their respective prices to this tracker?

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