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Smart Contract Audit

CoinFabrik smart contracts audit related content

Bitpara Smart Contract Audit

CoinFabrik was asked to audit the contracts for the Bitpara project. Firstly, we will provide a summary of our discoveries and secondly, we will show the details of our findings.
The contracts audited are from the Bitpara repository at


Smart Contract Auditing News

Every month several important smart contract audits are performed by blockchain security companies like us. It is important to stay up to date with the latest findings in order to learn and improve protection processes. Following we will describe three recent and interesting findings:


Smart Contract Audit Process

A security audit is a process in which a client subjects his or her smart contracts to a review, in which one or more auditors search and document vulnerabilities that may alter the project correct functionality. The main idea of this post is to specify the process of audits, who belongs to them and how the different individuals interact from the moment the client reaches us to the moment we end communication with them.

EasyPool Smart Contract Security Audit v2

CoinFabrik has been hired to audit the EasyPool smart contracts. We start this report writing a summary with the smart contracts provided by the client and a list of the analysis methods used to audit the contracts. Next, we will make a summary of the files we analysed and the public facing functions provided by the ProPool contract.

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