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CDX Smart Contract Platform Audit

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Coinfabrik smart contract security auditing team was asked to audit the contracts for the CDX platform. In the first part, we will give a summary of our discoveries and then the details of our findings. The contracts audited are from CDX’s repository at The audit is based on the commit c05cf82983904b15a4b0ec790cce9e583d96bc0f. Summary The audited […]

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Worldbit Token Sale Smart Contract Audit

Reading Time: 6 minutes

CoinFabrik’s Smart Contract Audit team audited WorldBit Token sale ICO’s smart contracts. The contracts audited are taken from the WorldBit repository on The audit is based on the commit 445cc0c28894a85cb58f54631666deafdd35d859, and updated to reflect changes on 21abcc3bde6d64d4aee391544fc9332fc9f2749d. Summary The audited contracts are: ERC20Basic: non-approval half of ERC20 interface. ERC20: Full ERC20 interface. FractionalERC20: Full ERC20 interface […]

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Smart Contract Audit: REAL Estate Crypto Token

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Sergio Demian Lerner Executive Summary In August 2017, REAL engaged Coinfabrik smart contract audit team to perform a security audit of the REAL crowdsale smart contracts. The purpose of the audit was to evaluate the security of the smart contracts. The source code was retrieved by Coinfabrik from commit e8af021445785ad0e36c54adf6568b079ec6293d on August 11th […]

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Security Audit for Patientory (PTOY) Token ICO

Reading Time: 3 minutes

CoinFabrik smart contract audit‘s team was hired to audit contracts written by TokenMarket for the PTOY Token ICO. The result of this security review is reflected in this document. Audited Files The contracts we audited are hosted at Github repository: MintableToken.sol CrowdsaleToken.sol ReleasableToken.sol UpgradeableToken.sol Commit hash f968cffe1abf4a3d96d6705ec1befd6cfec13ae3. Vulnerabilities Found Short Address Attack The version reviewed […]

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Live Updated Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet (Update 2)

Reading Time: 1

We present an update of my previous article for cryptocurrency portfolio tracking. I received valuable feedback from some users, and I decided to update the spreadsheet based on those suggestions. The idea with this new spreadsheet, is to add only the transactions in the History tab: And reflect current asset position in the ‘Position’ tab: Also, ‘Prices’ tab […]

Review of AppeCoin: An Alternative Anonymous Cryptocurrency

Reading Time: 6 minutes

AppeCoin, Sergio D. Lerner‘s proposal for an e-cash scheme, is designed for a peer-to-peer network which does not rely on a Trusted Third Party. Like the cryptocurrencies Monero or Zcash, AppeCoin is a protocol which aims to guarantee to its users full privacy. Lerner’s e-cash scheme leverages coin shuffling. Unlike ZeroCoin, where the monetary units […]