smart contracts - solidity and travis logos

Test Solidity Smart Contracts Using Travis CI

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Our smart contract development team is using Travis CI to integrate automated testing into GitHub repositories. This guide for this great tool will not go into detail about Travis CI itself, but rather explain how to automate tests for Solidity smart contracts. We will be using Truffle for running and building tests and Ganache to set up the network since Travis has built-in support for JavaScript and Node.js.

Cryptosolartech Security Audit

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Introduction Coinfabrik’s smart contract audit’s team was asked to audit the contracts for the Cryptosolartech sale. Firstly, we will provide a summary of our discoveries and secondly, we will show the details of our findings. Summary The contracts audited are from the Cryptosolartech repository. The audit is based on the commit 4a04863c1cf6ef55d89a3ed63c3e0de863efe4da and updated to reflect […]