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Worldbit Token Sale Smart Contract Audit

Reading Time: 6 minutes

CoinFabrik’s Smart Contract Audit team audited WorldBit Token sale ICO’s smart contracts. The contracts audited are taken from the WorldBit repository on The audit is based on the commit 445cc0c28894a85cb58f54631666deafdd35d859, and updated to reflect changes on 21abcc3bde6d64d4aee391544fc9332fc9f2749d. Summary The audited contracts are: ERC20Basic: non-approval half of ERC20 interface. ERC20: Full ERC20 interface. FractionalERC20: Full ERC20 interface […]

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Realisto Token Sale Smart Contract Audit

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Ismael Bejarano and Pablo Yabo Coinfabrik smart contract audit’s team was hired to review the contracts for the Realisto’s ICO or token sale. We audited the contracts from repository at commit b8f68bd4330f4852260636c00013794ffec1c6a7. In the next section, we provide a short summary of the contracts and our discoveries. After that, we present our detailed […]