Flixxo Token

Flixxo Token Sale Security Audit

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Coinfabrik’s smart contracts auditing team was asked to audit the contracts for the Flixxo Token sale. In the first part, we will give a summary of our discoveries and then the details of our findings.
The audited contracts are in Flixxo repository on https://github.com/AdrianClv/icofunding-flixxo. The audit is based on the commit 739f8dda4fdeffb65a6631ed9d86a42233085cd3, and updated to reflect changes at a2e9ba2cd1953a886c4e367b672cab34f8dede08

Lif Token

Líf Token Smart Contract Audit

Reading Time: 9 minutes

By Pablo Yabo and Ismael Bejarano Introduction CoinFabrik’s smart contract audit team was requested to review contracts of the Líf Token for the Winding Tree platform. In the following sections, we will write the discoveries of this process. The contracts audited are from the repository https://github.com/windingtree/LifToken, the audit was started at commit fa503ebe495b7ec11d19333731b1f506e897929b, and completed […]