Live Updated Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking Spreadsheet (Update 2)

We present an update of my previous article for cryptocurrency investment tracking. I received valuable feedback from some users, and I decided to update the spreadsheet based on those suggestions.

The idea with this new spreadsheet, is to add only the transactions in the History tab:

Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking History
Live update Cryptocurrencies Positions History

And reflect current asset position in the ‘Position’ tab:

Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking Positions
Live update Cryptocurrencies Positions

Also, ‘Prices’ tab contains the cryptocurrencies prices:

Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking Prices
Live update Cryptocurrencies Positions Prices

This new structure keeps tack of all your transactions, and also allows to calculate the profits of those movements.

You can see, copy and comment the Cryptocurrencies Positions Spreadsheet. To create your own version go to ‘File’ -> ‘Make a copy’.

Thanks to blockchain development team.